Utterly Creepy 3am Excursion into Steelton PA

So, did you see the photos on Facebook??  I just can’t fathom anyone actually buying or renting property in the town of Steelton.  I mean, good grief, what does one do if the coffee pot isn’t working and you need to leave your residence in the middle of the night for a cup of Joe??? I’d be afraid for my soul to step out the front door after the sun goes down! Now, I know it doesn’t help matters that it’s 3:00 in the morning and I decide to listen to Kate Price’s, Deep Hearts Core.  Track #9, Eliz Iza-Jump at the Sun, no less.  Don’t know it??? Google it and listen and you’ll get a sense of the fear it added to my already jumping heart!  Of course, I’m a photo freak so I had to have pictures to go along with the story, but that means I have to step out of my vehicle! Taking the first picture I’m figuring…”Hey, you’re a big girl…you watched High Tension for God’s sake! You can handle this and you need the image!” My hands were shaking a little bit on that first one, and it wasn’t the high-test coffee from Dunkin Donuts! Initially I passed by the second photo thinking, that’s enough for one night, but I only got a few hundred feet and my adrenaline had me turning around to get the shot. You stupid girl…I’m always yelling at the ninnies in horror movies to stay put! Out of the vehicle again for the “Amityville” shot.  It’s important to note here that I had turned on my turn signal when I got out of the car.  I took a few shots before I got the one posted and literally ran back into the van! Locked the doors immediately and turned off the darn music.  And wouldn’t you know it folks…my turn signal was NO LONGER BLINKING!!!! What the??? Now I’m waiting for a troop of deviant Steelton steel worker ghosts to come and chop me up!!! Pedal to the medal, speeding through Steelton, Highspire, Middletown and finally E-town reciting my Hail Mary’s the whole way just wanting to jump in bed with my Hound and throw the covers over us!! At one time in my life I thought a secluded cabin in Potter county on a dark night was scary….Geesh…I’m lucky to be alive!!!



About coffeeandkitties

I am a romantic in every possible sense of the word!
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