A Glimpse

I thought I saw you last night

Just a glimpse of that boy I knew

It was raining and the street lights were dim

It could have been my imagination

It could just be that I wanted to see you there on the avenue

Do you wear a ball cap and black jacket?

I followed your shadow down the alley

I didn’t call out

In fact I was as silent as I could be

Remembering your back under the jacket

Remembering placing my hand there

Feeling your breath under your spine

It always lulled me to sleep

That contented breath under my hand

The rain hid my tears

I followed you to the corner

Peeking around the building

You stood under that dim street light and lit a cigarette

You looked defeated

I felt defeated

And you hailed a cab

As quick as you were there… you were gone.

I opened the door to my favorite cafe

I heard My Morning Jacket and I smelled the espresso and the smoke

Sitting at my favorite table in the corner I ordered, pulled out my journal

and wrote frantically about the night I caught a glimpse of the boy I knew on the city streets

Rain water dripped from the ends of my hair onto the page

And the ink smudged

And I was defeated.


About coffeeandkitties

I am a romantic in every possible sense of the word!
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2 Responses to A Glimpse

  1. lovely poem narrating a story

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