That Girl

I’m not that girl you knew all those years ago

I’m not the same

I won’t be in your social circles

I won’t be at the family dinners

I can’t say it’s all gonna be okay

I can’t sit in the passenger seat without speaking

I don’t want to go to the ball game

I don’t want to be your beauty queen

We’re not going to pick up where we left off

We’re not that couple anymore

You’ll find me somewhere you never expected

You’ll see my face on the jacket of that new tragedy

You’ll do a double take and pick it up when no one is looking

You’ll find a quiet corner in the dark and take a deep breath

You’ll start to open it but decide you probably need a vice

I can clearly see you reaching into the left inside pocket of your jacket

I can see your tragic eyes scanning the patrons as you light up

A hand absently combs through your hair

There is no reason for this level of anxiety

You’re a little annoyed with yourself

But it’s a book written by your girl

That orchid on the front cover

And that silouette

And you know

It is indeed a tragedy

Like the track marks on your right arm that will never fade

It can’t be anything but a tragedy

I am that girl that loved you once

I recovered… Literally, figuratively…

I recovered and I stood up for the first time

And I’m alone and secure

And I’m walking and writing

And the tragedy that is my book

And the journey of writing it… Made it so!


About coffeeandkitties

I am a romantic in every possible sense of the word!
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