Color and Poetry

Finding passion in the little things today. As I type I’m enjoying a strong cup of black coffee and a decadent dark chocolate biscotti and I’m thinking… “Wow, this is really great! I mean, this morning treat I have practically everyday is really fabulous!” And so I start to think about all the other little things that I take for granted everyday and they become things to be passionate about.  I can really get into an hour or so with the first season of American Horror Story.  I can pick apart the characters and the story lines and be in awe of the drama and complexity of the show as the opening credits send chills down my spine.  I can listen to a couple Mumford and Sons CD’s as I go about my daily routines but actually take a moment to really hear the music and the lyrics. To really hear the emotion and storytelling and it may actually bring a tear or two to my eye.  I can dust a family photograph in a not so absent minded way. Actually pick it up and stare into the faces and remember the joy of a moment worth capturing. I can stretch out with my dogs and feel cold noses on my face or cuddle up under a blanket with my purring cat and contemplate that unconditional love of an animal. I can look forward to an evening laced with pasta and garlic bread and a chocolate desert.  A little Pavarotti in the background and the slow easiness of the espresso and a Gauloises as the night winds down. And then a few chapters of Anne Rice and sleep, peaceful sleep, under a bulky comforter. Indeed, it helps to give these everyday, mundane things poetry and color. A lot of times that’s not so easy for me to do, but on days like today when I can see it all in a different light I know I need to get it down, if for no other reason than to have it there on those days when nothing seems to have any meaning anymore. Or when I’m grasping at straws trying to find the silver lining.  In truth, it evades me most of the time.  But this morning my fingers are telling the story of the magic in the moments and I’m getting a few of them down and maybe the next time I’m feeling that indifference or ambivalence I’ll remember or I’ll think to take a moment and open my journal to February 7, 2013 and give the monotonous drivel a little color and poetry!


About coffeeandkitties

I am a romantic in every possible sense of the word!
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