Stricken and Bruised

“It’s just bruised, not broken”…Sigh of relief. But, bruises are not always undevastating afflictions.   If you tell someone you have a bruise they’re not usually going to respond with any urgency. And if you happen to be the “bruised” you’re not typically going to react with any immediate attention. Physically, what are you going to do for a bruise? Not much, maybe put some ice on it, reduce the swelling. But what about the emotional bruises that swell with no means of quelling? What happens with those bruises?  The path of a bruise if you will.

Someone or something, animate or inanimate, strikes you. Stricken can be taken in many different contexts. Negative: coming from a place of malice or discontent.  Positive: I once described my reaction to an orchid as “stricken with it’s elegance.” A physical strike that breaks the skin. An emotional strike that breaks the spirit.  Three strikes and you’re out. Wherever the strike comes from it’s generally immediate and unexpected.  You’re caught off guard. On the surface a redness develops. Underneath, an echo develops.  The color changes. Maybe you start to see purple or blue. The echo is loud but soon becomes barely audible. Physically the affected area starts to bloat and you apply an ice pack.  Inside your emotional state becomes distended. What form does your ice pack take? You confide in a comfortable friend.  You confide in a perfect stranger. You lose yourself in music and lyrics. You fly to the land of the make believe. Whatever you do, it’s what you’ve always done.  It works… sometimes. A bruise, by it’s very nature, heals.  But it lingers too.  It leaves it’s mark.

They call me a bruised person. That’s negative.. right? Flawed? Less than?  Maybe, but that bruise added some color for awhile.  That bruise lingers just under the surface. I know that bruise and where it came from. From that initial strike came some form of awareness. I see your bruises a little more clearly. And maybe you see mine too.


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I am a romantic in every possible sense of the word!
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