Perhaps there’s a reason for this beautiful tragedy

A higher reason

Not the kind of reason that is spoken

It’s hidden

Deep in the decay of broken promises

It’s dark and moldy there

And no one really wants to go

We want sunshine and butterflies

Pink candy and gentle whispers

We want to stay out here as long as we can

Among the the fall orchards and romantic vineyards

But that haunted realm beckons

And at some point we’re going to stumble down that rabbit hole

And we’ll be tried and tested and exhausted

We’ll give up without knowing that we have

We’ll be tormented and we’ll cry

We’ll sleep

We’ll wake to warm cookies and cashmere blankets

Standing in fields of daisies

We’ll know that we fell

And we’ll always remember the reason

But we’re walking again.

And the world smells sweet.


About coffeeandkitties

I am a romantic in every possible sense of the word!
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