On Love – Entry One

This past Monday I spent some time with one of the most wonderful and spiritual human beings I know in one of the most beautiful and spiritual places I know.  The darkness I referred to in my last post was consuming me.  We walked and we talked.  We pet Alpacas and kissed sick kittens.  I watched a baby giggle in a swing and held the softest little yellow ducklings.

During our discussion she mentioned a book she is reading and an exercise in the book that I thought I might give a try.  Essentially you’re choosing one thing a day that you love that has no stressful connotations and writing about it.  It’s not difficult for me to list things that I love.  The harder part of this exercise is writing about something that I love that has absolutely no negative connotations.

So let’s talk about Dar Williams and why I love her! She’s amazing on so many levels.  Beautiful, talented, poetic, magical, inspirational… and the list goes on. Her music and her lyrics speak to me on a level that very few other artists do.  She’s just so incredibly real and down to earth and grounded.  I just want to meet her in a coffee shop somewhere at 1:00 a.m. and talk the early morning away.  Whenever I hear the first chord of one of her songs a peace comes over me.  It may not be an all encompassing peace, depending on the severity of my depression, but it is sure to always be at least that little nudge of peace.  That little lifeline back to the light! So now I’ll put on “Go to the Woods” and take that gentle lead to the light!


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I am a romantic in every possible sense of the word!
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