How I Write…

Right, wrong or indifferent I write thoughts and feelings as they come.  Second to second… moment to moment.  Given this, my writing tends to be choppy and at times unordered. I have this gnawing within myself just to get things down and think about it later.  However, when the time comes time to think about it and reorder and elaborate I generally feel as though I would be detracting from the message by editing and polishing. Sometimes disorder will jump off the page and scream “This is not right… who could follow this? I can’t even follow it!” When that happens I have no choice but to edit. My character won’t allow me to let it go. But when it is subtle and soft I will let it go.  I will leave the thoughts and feelings just as they originally came.  I have been told it’s wrong.  Greatness doesn’t come from indifference.  In all likelihood that is true.

For the most part I write for those scattered points throughout my life when I need to look back.  I need to remember and learn.  When I open something that is perfectly polished it tends to distorts what I was trying to convey in the first place. It feels like I’m being untrue to myself.  Like others will see right through the facade. That’s not okay.

Right, wrong or indifferent I write the moments as quick as they come and hope that anyone who reads it can appreciate the rawness for what it is and how it feels.


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